From September 1, a new discipline “Service Learning” is introduced, which has no analogues in any of the state universities in Kazakhstan. Freshmen of the new 2018-2019 academic year will be the first in Yessenov University, who will receive education through the innovative technology “Service learning”, which translates as “Serving the Society”.

Within the walls of Yessenov University, a round table was held, where the terms and principles of partnership for the organization of the new discipline “Serving the Society” were discussed. Among those attending were representatives of the state institutions of the Mangistau region, such as the Regional Children’s Village of the Family Type, KSU Center for Special Social Services No. 2 (Nursing Home), Aktau City Employment and Social Programs Department, KSU “Mangistau Regional Club of the Disabled Sport”, as well as non-governmental organizations, including NGO “Eco Mangistau”, Crisis Center for Women and Children, LLP “Meirim”, (“Protection of Children’s Rights Affected by Violence”), parents’ public association of children with autism (ARDA).

Rector of Yessenov University Akhmetov B.B. shared with his partners his vision of the university in the future, explained the objectives of the task set for the new discipline “Serving the Society”. The project coordinator Bisengalieva I.V. revealed the features and stages of its implementation in her presentation.

The essence of the discipline lies in the work of students in the creation and implementation of social projects, to which students will be prepared in the course of lecture classes. During the semester, students will be engaged in the implementation of social projects. In the course of socially useful activities, students will receive valuable experience of serving the community through participation in real environmental projects of the Mangistau region, through volunteer assistance to lonely elderly people and young disabled people. The final evaluation of the discipline will be the protection of the results of their activities and the writing of the final essay.

Representatives of partner organizations expressed a lively response and interest in the new discipline, questions and wishes were voiced about the project activities of students. The round table ended with the signing of the Agreements with all invited guests.