University life

My university
For everyone – he is ours, I am for everyone – my own!

Our values

Transparency. Readiness for fruitful cooperation at all levels.

Involvement. The possibility of the university’s participation in the management and improvement of its activities.

Creativity. Support for original ideas and solutions to problems in a rapidly changing environment.

Student communities

Members of Yessenov University’s student communities lead an active, interesting life, full of opportunities. This is not only promising acquaintances, but also an opportunity to gain new skills and prove yourself in front of future employers.

Everyone can show their talents and skills! The main thing is to be confident in your abilities and success!

Social life

YU’s social life is about new acquaintance and new opportunities. This is a chance to live a rich social life within the walls of one of the leading universities in the country!

YU learner attributes

  • Have a deep and comprehensive knowledge of their specialization

  • Be comprehensively developed and have a broad outlook

  • Be able to make decisions judiciously and be able to rally and engage others

  • Be entrepreneurial, proactive and able to create new opportunities

  • Navigate freely in a multilingual and multicultural world

  • Be a well-mannered and tolerant citizen of the world, while remaining a patriot of Kazakhstan

About campus life

Strive forward, Believe in yourself, Realize!
Life on the YU campus is not limited to learning. There are many fun, interesting and creative projects here. Cultural and sports life, seaside events, contests, family events. Cozy and interesting – we wanted to create a campus in a comfortable environment for every YU student. Don’t miss the activities on our campus and this is a photo tour.
Join YU!

Creative circles

In order to increase students’ interest in art, love of traditions and national arts, various creative circles work at the university.

Sport sections

The main areas of work of the sports section: health, educational and diagnostic control.


Museum Yessenov University is an important center for the study, preservation and promotion of the historical memory and cultural traditions of the university.

Student government

The purpose of Union is to ensure the effective participation of student youth in the social life of the university, to create a favorable environment to meet their social, intellectual, creative, spiritual, economic interests.

Cinema hall

The cinema hall quickly became popular with students. For them, it is fun and exciting to spend their free time with these groups.

TV studio

The educational television studio is filming video lectures, advertising videos. In addition, students interested in working with television equipment film all the events that take place at the university.

Tofu is a center of relax for students

The student recreation center “Tofu” works for residents, guests of the city of Aktau, students and teachers, as well as students enrolled in the tourism educational program of the university undergo practical training, combine theory and practice.

Yessenov Language Center

Yessenov Language Center is a pilot project of Yessenov University, the purpose of which is to create new opportunities for students and teaching staff of the university, as well as to increase the level of language training of the population of the Mangystau region by introducing international standards of teaching English with the involvement of foreign trainers.

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Get unlimited motivation to start your own business!

We are open to all innovators working in the field of new technologies and are in search of creative, promising youth and teams driven by the idea of making our country a better place.

Cafe YU

YU Cafe is a specially organized area for rest and work, a free space for communication, creativity and development of YU students.

Ustyurt - recreation area

Ustyurt floor – located on the 7th floor of the main building. A convenient place for leisure, free communication, meetings for teachers and students.

Computer classes

The university is equipped with modern computer technology – at its disposal there are more than 900 computers in the local network with fast access to the Internet.

Spiritual life of Mangystau region

Mangystau is an open-air nature museum. Olympiad in history, listened to the music of the earth the roots of the person case is the soil of Kasiet tungan of the Mangystau region.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms are technologically equipped for meetings, meetings, press conferences, presentations, collective viewing of video materials, as well as other events.

Medical support

Students receive free medical care when attached to the REAMED city polyclinic.

“Your salary is proportional to your education, for that reason I chose Yessenov University”

Narul Kozhabergen Graduate of Yessenov University