Educational policy is actively implemented in one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan – the Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh.Yessenov. Progressive reforms on the development and modernization of education in the country are platform for major changes relating to both expanding the material and technical base, and improving the research and educational potential of the university.

Today, our university is the largest modern university that has passed state certification and accreditation. Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh.Yessenov is the Main Center for education and upbringing, science and culture in the region. The university trains specialists for the oil and gas industry, road transport, mechanical engineering, as well as pedagogy, law, economics, information systems, standardization, finance, geology, ecology, heat power engineering, and construction.

Mission and Vision YU

Mission: the creation of a scientific and educational hub of the Caspian region, carrying out scientific and educational activities on the basis of transparency, on the basis of which a special model is formed for the development of a competitive and creative generation that meets the modern requirements of the human resource involved in the business processes of the university and the region, ensuring its social and the economic growth.

Vision: a leading center of education, science and culture of the Caspian region, having a high reputation and recognition.

Core values of YU

The core values of Yessenov University are aimed at meeting the needs of teachers and students.

Transparency – transparency. The administration always supports the implementation of work and projects within the university.

Sincerity – good intentions. Ensuring goodwill in the performance of all completed or planned work.

Creativity – creativity. Support new ideas for teachers and students.

Strategic Objectives YU

To solve strategic problems, the university improves the management system, relying on the continuity of traditions and flexible response to changes in factors of the external and internal environment, the dynamic organization of core activities and integration with other educational and scientific institutions; makes effective management decisions based on a balance of needs of all interested parties; develops the material and technical base and infrastructure of the university; creates an information platform for digitalization of educational, scientific and administrative activities.

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