Energetic youth – the future of the country

On October 20, at Yessenov University, took place a meeting of a famous scientist, teacher, professor, politician, academician, public figure Zhaulin Kiikbai Mynbaevich with young scientists and students on the theme ” Energetic youth – the future of the country.

During his speech, Kiikbai Mynbaevich said that at a young age he became a shepherd, was elected as a deputy when he was a student, in an alternative form defeated the Second Secretary of the Guryevsk City Party Committee and was elected deputy of the City Council. As a deputy, actively participated in community service, conducted propaganda work on renaming the city of Guriev to the city of Atyrau.
In addition to his great activity he was engaged in science, defended his doctoral dissertation, and wrote many books.

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Independence and 45th anniversary of our university, the life journey of our brother became an example for the younger generation.
At the end of his speech, he told the younger generation about his commandments and wished them further success. We wish our brother great success in his work, who, being in a prestigious service, enjoys great support from both the leadership and the population