Yessenov University held a meeting of the rector with 1st year students

According to the annual tradition, a meeting of the rector was held within the walls of Yessenov University

with 1st year students.

The event continued in the form of an interview with an energetic conversation of the President of the University Berik Akhmetov with the participation of students in online and offline formats.

Berik Bakytzhanovich informed the freshmen about all spheres of activity and achievements of the university in recent years. He noted that the educational system of the university was developed in accordance with modern practice, filled with such innovations as additional English courses, training at a foreign university under a special program.

The rector stressed that the university has created all the conditions for education, development and self-realization. Young people have the opportunity to immerse themselves in science, in the future to build a career not only in various companies, but also in the university itself, and drew attention to the fact that for further successful work, it is important to develop social competencies already in their student years.

In turn, the children were given the opportunity to ask questions. At the same time, the freshmen told about their plans and expectations from the upcoming studies.

This year, the university accepted 1,920 freshmen. About 200 of them are studying from abroad. The rector noted that the university has organized all security measures that allow working in full-time format: temperature control, mask mode, ventilation, air disinfection. At the same time, if restrictions are imposed, the university is ready to conduct training sessions using distance technologies. B. Bakhytzhanovich urged students to take care of themselves and go to classes wearing masks and treat their hands with disinfecting liquids.