Traditional Summer School-2024 started on the basis of Yessenov University.

Since June 10, 2024 the Institute of Continuing Education has started the project “Summer School-2024” for the faculty of the university in the following areas: “Development of scientific potential”, “Educational and methodological work”, “IT-technologies” and “Development of educational work and mentoring skills”.

The aim of the school is to create a platform for professional development of teachers, exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of education.

Annual training is scheduled from June 10-21, 2024 in offline format on the following topics: “Working with Scopus and Science Direct databases: the process of publication and indexing”, “Toponymy of Mangistau – a mirror of history”, “Development of skills of educational work and mentoring”, “The use of artificial intelligence in the educational process” and “Implementation of artificial intelligence assistants to optimize the educational process and support teaching”. Within the framework of the project, teachers study and apply modern technologies, methods and techniques in teaching students.

Seminar trainers during 2 weeks of training will conduct lectures and practical sessions with creative approaches of modern tools. 

About 300 offline faculty members will actively participate in different learning areas with trainings and discussions, presentations, speeches and exchange of experience.

The Summer School 2024 program is held at a high level. The trainees are fully satisfied with the quality of teaching and are pleased to attend the training.