Professor of Vilnius University Rimantas Želvys at Yessenov University

As part of the program to attract foreign experts in the organization of higher and postgraduate education of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor of the Institute of Pedagogical Sciences of the Faculty of Philosophy of Vilnius University Rimantas Želvys (Lithuania) came to Yessenov University.
The invited scientist will hold a seminar for the teaching staff of the University on the topic “The role and importance of research activities in the field of international education”.
During the month, Professor Rimantas Želvys will hold a series of lectures and seminars, revealing to students current topics in the field of pedagogy and psychology. The seminars will be aimed at the practical application of new ideas in our educational process. Joint research projects with professors and young scientists of the university are an important part of the visit.
Professor Rimantas Želvys is a member of the editorial boards and boards of the journals “Quality of Higher Education”, “Pedagogy”, “Social Sciences”, “Psychology of Education”. He also directs the Center for Educational Policy of Vilnius University.
Professor Rimantas Želvys has extensive experience in implementing European scientific and educational projects and projects funded by the World Bank.