Advanced training courses by Vilnius professor Zelvys Rimantas on the topic “The role and features of research activities in international education”

For the period from November 14, 2023, the Institute of Continuing Education organized a 72-hour advanced training course for employees of the Administrative Department and the teaching staff of Yessenov University on the topic “The role and features of research activities in international education.” The speaker of this course was an invited foreign scientist and professor at Vilnius University Zelvys Rimantas. The aim of the course is to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to effectively manage research activities in a changing academic environment and more successful collaboration between researchers in the field of international education.

More than 80 people took part in the course in an offline format. A highly qualified trainer spoke about a deeper understanding of the characteristics of research activities and the abilities of effective international communication. Listeners got acquainted with the professor’s presentations on writing scientific articles and developing research projects in order to meet international academic standards and ensure closer cooperation with foreign partners. Zelvys Rimantas spoke in detail about the possibilities of international publications and online communication, comparisons between universities and countries, and access to scientific materials.

As a result of completing the course, participants will be required to acquire competencies in understanding and adapting to the changing role of research activities in the field of international education in general and in the post-Soviet educational environment in particular.

At the end of the advanced training course, participants will be awarded Certificates.