The evening «Әбіш әлемі»

Yessenov University held an evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the national writer and public figure of Kazakhstan, a prominent statesman and public figure, Hero of Labor of Kazakhstan, Abish Kekilbayuly, «Әбіш әлемі».
The celebration began with the presentation of the research laboratory named after Abish Kekilbayuly, on the walls of which was presented information about the life of an outstanding personality and about his works.
The event was attended by Zhumashev Kanybek Bekbolatovich, son of Abish Kekilbay Daulet Abishevich, his grandson Abish Bayazit Dauletuly, researchers of the region, writers: Abulkhair Span, Otynshy Koshbay, Alkazhan Edilkhan,Yessenov University scientist Baktybai Zhailau, poet Zhumagul Mursalova, performers of Abyz Zhyrau Ospan Kulsymak, composer Esenbay Kuli.
At the end of the event, the results of the III traditional competition “Әбіш оқулары”,which took place at Yessenov University were summed up.
Kekilbay Daulet Abishevich presented winners and prize-winners of the competition with special diplomas and awards.