Guest lecture “From Sign to Logo”

On April 24th, the Department of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan hosted a guest lecture by Marzia Zhumashevkyzy Zhaksygarina, a Professor at Zhubanov University, Candidate of Cultural Sciences, and member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan. The lecture, titled “From Sign to Logo,” was part of the academic mobility program.

The aim of the lecture was to elucidate the subject of figurative names of symbols among Turkic-speaking peoples, such as weapons, bows, arrows, axes, combs, mirrors, earrings, etc., through a comprehensive analysis of indigenous Turkic symbols.

During the lecture, Marzia Zhumashevkyzy emphasized the extensive semantic space and intricate meanings of these symbols, providing information about the symbols of the three zhuzes. Participants also had the opportunity to explore catalogues of ex-libris. The session concluded with a lively exchange of opinions, questions, and detailed answers.