Signing an Agreement with the delegation of Kongsberg Digital

A delegation from Kongsberg Digital AS visited Yessenov University to finalize an agreement regarding the provision of training equipment and programs for the Maritime Academy.

Kongsberg Digital is globally recognized for its expertise in manufacturing marine simulators and software for marine transportation.

During the visit, Norwegian representatives Kristina Marie HemBollingmo, Agnar Mellvin Svendsen, and Leif Pentti familiarized themselves with the university’s educational processes and development strategy. They assessed potential locations for integrating their products into the new academic building of the Maritime Academy and made adjustments to the supply agreement with Yessenov University.

In the coming months, Kongsberg’s technologies and design solutions will contribute to enhancing digital technologies for optimizing maritime operations and port infrastructure. This includes assessing energy efficiency and environmental risks associated with maritime and port activities, with an emphasis on reducing emissions’ impact on the environment.

Yessenov University is actively engaged in establishing the future Center of Academic Excellence at the Maritime Academy. It is already preparing scientifically grounded methodological recommendations for utilizing innovative technologies in marine management and renewable energy.

This project aims to position the university as a leader in the Caspian region for developing energy-efficient technologies and optimal sea routes for transporting goods, while also enhancing environmental safety and economic efficiency in maritime operations within the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea.