Tristan McCowan held an open interview on Sustainable Development Goals

On May 17, Tristan McCowan, Professor at University College London (UCL), held an open interview on Sustainable Development Goals with students and faculty of Yessenov University.

During the meeting, key areas of sustainable development until 2030 and the direct role of higher education institutions in addressing environmental issues were discussed.

Tristan McCowan is an internationally renowned academic in the field of education and a professor at the UCL Institute of Education. His work focuses primarily on higher education and international development. Currently, he is researching the role of higher education in achieving sustainable development goals and the contribution of universities to addressing the causes and consequences of climate change. Tristan McCowan is also an international consultant for the research project “Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan from the Perspective of Students,” funded by the Central Asian Scientific Center for Educational Innovation and Transformation of the Higher School of Education of Nazarbayev University.