Advanced training course of a foreign professor “Management of learning in education”

November 6, 2023. The Institute of Continuing Education organized a training course on the topic «Management of learning in education» (Management of learning in education). Target audience: heads of administrative and managerial personnel and professors-teachers. The purpose of the course: to study modern technologies and methods of personnel management.

The trainer of this course is PhD, an associate professor from the University of Ravensborne London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Dababrata Chowdhury. Doctor Dababrata is a foreign partner of YESSENOV UNIVERSITY, has many years of experience in teaching at universities in the UK, Turkey, Kazakhstan, is an expert in management, business, IT, coaching, has extensive experience of teaching, research and management.

          The course «Management of learning in education» helps the trainees to gain momentum for self-improvement with the help of modern methods of personal development, helps the manager to skillfully build strategy, tactics and the process of communication with clients, partners and authorities in the most rational way, gives basic information about the specifics of business communication. Such courses allow managers to grow professionally and acquire competence in the field of analytical, computing and normative, advisory activities with the use of effective methods of management, strategic planning and staff management.

The course takes place in an offline format accompanied by slides-presentations and active discussions.

At the end of the courses, participants who have successfully mastered the training program and passed the final certification will be issued certificates of advanced training.