Meeting with KINI staff and students

On February 18, Berik Akhmetov, President of Yessenov University, and Volrad Rommel, President of the Kazakh-German University (DKU), met with employees of the Kazakh-German Institute of Sustainable Engineering (KINI) and top management of Yessenov University.

The meeting discussed: the operational activities of KINI, strategic plans for academic and research areas of development, as well as joint prospects for cooperation between Yessenov University and DKU.

The main important topic of discussion was the new project “Aktau Dialogue,” scheduled for April 2024.

At the meeting, the logo of the upcoming annual Aktau Dialogue forum, its program, and an action plan for its organization and holding were presented for consideration.

The participants expressed interest in further cooperation within the framework of this project, designed to promote the development of partnership between Kazakhstani and domestic scientists, experts in the field of education, science, and industry.

During the meeting, important issues related to the prospects for the development of educational and scientific programs, as well as the possibility of joint research and projects were also discussed.

In the afternoon, Berik Akhmetov and Konrad Rommel met with KINI students, during which they discussed current problems and further prospects for the development of the institute.

The President of Yessenov University spoke about the plans for the development of the campus and answered all urgent questions from students about the conditions of study, accommodation, and recreation of KINI students.

The President of DKU offered successful KINI students the opportunity to improve their language skills and complete a short-term internship as part of the Summer School.

Both meetings opened new horizons for cooperation between Yessenov University and the Kazakh-German University, confirming the common desire for the productive development of scientific and educational projects.