The main subject of the Institute of Continuing Education is the organization and conduct of advanced training courses and professional retraining, retraining, as well as assessment of the level of professional preparedness of specialists.

Advanced training is provided for specialists in the fields with higher and secondary technical education in order to update and deepen theoretical and improve practical skills.

The teaching staff of the university is represented by qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel. In the course of training, educational programs of additional education, retraining and advanced training of specialists are used, aimed at developing professional competencies adequate to modern requirements.
ENO offers specialized short-term refresher courses, both on the basis of the University, and with a trip to the region and to enterprises. Students can be trained according to an individual educational or scientific program.

Classes are organized in the form of interactive lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings, master classes, round tables and conferences, etc.

The purpose of the Institute:

Improvement and development of the system of continuing education, focused on the maximum use of the personal potential of everyone in society in obtaining their education, on-the-job training, general training in accordance with the requirements of socio-economic development, demand in the labor market and the intellectual potential of the region.

Responsibilities of the Institute:

  • — Identification of priority strategies for professional development of education workers based on the principles of state educational policy;
    — Arming teachers with scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge;
    — Development of scientific and practical methods of result-oriented education;
    — Wide introduction into the educational process of new pedagogical technologies for advanced training of education workers in the region, region;
    — Management and organization of experimental field and research work;
    — Dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience, methodological recommendations to teachers;
    — Release of information and methodological materials.


Kallibekova Gulzada Ungarbayevna

Head of the Institute of Continuing Education

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Nauryzbayeva Marzhan Amankosovna

Leading specialist

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