Operational activity management


  • Monitoring the serviceability of equipment (lighting, heating systems, ventilation, elevators, etc.)
  • Ensuring the safety of furniture, household equipment, means of mechanization of engineering and managerial labor, taking measures to restore and repair them in cases of death or damage.
  • Registration of documents for the maintenance and repair of elevators, disinfection services, services for the removal of solid household waste, washing of bedding, repair services for vehicles, cleaning services for stained-glass windows of the building, maintenance of boiler installations, etc.
  • Logistics services for meetings, conferences, seminars, and other events
  • Compilation of calculations for economic, social, and household and logistics services of the enterprise.
  • Maintenance of buildings and premises of the enterprise, and maintaining them in proper condition in accordance with the current sanitary and hygienic, and fire safety standards and rules.
  • Formation of current and long-term plans for reconstruction, capital and current repairs of buildings, premises of the enterprise, water supply systems, air ducts and other structures
  • Renovation of buildings, premises
  • Control over the quality of repair work
  • Acceptance of completed repairs
  • Drawing up cost estimates for the maintenance of buildings and premises of the enterprise, the adjacent territory
  • Supervision of the technical condition of all types of transport
  • Rational use of vehicles in accordance with the established norms of their carrying capacity and capacity.
  • Determining the need and making calculations for the vehicles necessary for the university, loading and unloading equipment, repair equipment, spare parts
  • Processing of transportation documents, information support of the transportation process, and maintenance of established reporting forms
  • Registration of transport documentation


Batykov Nurbolat

Операциялық қызметтер басқармасының басшысы

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Operational activity management

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