A roundtable discussion on the International day of multilateralism and diplomacy for peace

On April 23, the Department of international relations and tourism at Yessenov University organized a round table on the topic “Development cooperation to sustain peaceful societies, partnerships and academic integration” in a hybrid mode. This event was organized within the context of the United Nations Academic Impact Initiative and the decade of action of the SDGs 16 “Peace, justice and strong institutions” and SDGs 17 “Partnership for goals” of the UN Agenda by 2030. The roundtable was opened by Seydaliyev Askar, vice-president for research and development of the University. In addition, the event was attended by leading representatives of scientific and expert communities of Kazakhstan, CIS and other foreign states, representatives of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, diplomatic corps, representatives of UN agencies and other international organizations.
In particular, the Consulate General of Turkiye in Aktau Mr. Alptekin Sabri and the Consulate General of Iran in Aktau Mr. Hashemi Golamreza took part. The representative of the UN Department of Global Communications in Kazakhstan, Mr. Vlastimil Samek, congratulated the participants on the International day of multilateralism and diplomacy for peace. Dean of the Faculty of international relations of Al-Farabi kaznu PhD., Leila Delovarova Feodorovna gave her welcoming remarks to the participants and noted the importance of the roundtable discussion on achieving SDGs.
In the panel session, PhD., Iskakova Zhuldyzai amangeldikyzy, Advisor to the chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Deputy representative of the National Commission for Women Affairs and family demographic policy under the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, PhD., Rafiz Abazov who is a Director of the International Institute for green and sustainable development at Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, PhD., Brendan Duprey, Director of the Research Institute for sustainable development at Narxoz University, and Issayeva Zhansaya, Director of Ban Ki-Moon Institute of sustainable development at Al-Farabi KazNU made oral and visual presentations on the current topical issues on SDGs in Kazakhstan.
From academic experts, Professor of the Department of international relations and tourism of Yessenov University Prof. Tatyana Dronzina Alexandrovna and associate professor Medikhanova Akmaral Baktygalievna noted the enormous role of Yessenov University in the development of diplomatic relations in the region.
The event was moderated by Bibinaz Alman, a PhD student of the Faculty of international relations at Al – Farabi Kazakh National University.
The round table discussion contributed to the identification of opportunities and prospects for young scientists in Kazakhstan in reaching SDGs, the strengthening of diplomatic relations, as well as the further development of the vision and orientation of the youth of Yessenov University for the future.