International conference “Aktau Dialogue”

On April 26-27, the international conference “Aktau Dialogue” took place at Yessenov University.

Kazakh and German scientists participated in the event. The experts discussed global experiences and advanced technologies for green hydrogen production.

The KINI Institute, serving as a bridge between Kazakhstan and Germany, played a pivotal role in organizing the events. It was established at Yessenov University on the initiative of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to establish a branch of a foreign higher educational institution in western Kazakhstan and in connection with the launch of the Hyrasia project in the Mangystau region.

This project aims to industrially produce hydrogen or ammonia and has the potential to supply significant volumes to European or Asian markets, contributing significantly to Kazakhstan’s transition to an environmentally friendly economy.

Hyrasia One plans to construct one of the world’s five largest environmentally friendly hydrogen plants in Kazakhstan. Utilizing wind and solar energy, the company aims to produce up to two million tons of hydrogen annually, creating numerous job opportunities in the region. The Institute was established to train personnel for this project, offering graduates employment opportunities at the plant upon successful completion of their studies.

Currently, 30 students are enrolled at the Kazakh-German Institute of Sustainable Engineering, with plans to admit an additional 150 students in the next academic year to programs in Mechatronics, Production Management, and Process Engineering.

The purpose of the Aktau Dialogue is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and advanced technologies among global experts in green hydrogen, as well as to find innovative approaches to sustainable development in the energy sector. To discuss key issues and challenges in green hydrogen and develop strategies for its implementation, a common platform was created for Kazakh and German scientists.

The meeting, attended by Akim of Mangystau region Nurlan Nogaev, Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan Sayasat Nurbek, and Permanent Deputy Head of the Representative Office of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kazakhstan Klaus Zilikens, took place in the afternoon.

The first session, moderated by Professor Volrad Rommel, President of the Kazakh-German University, focused on the path to innovation in green hydrogen for clean energy. The session highlighted the AKTANT project, which aims to develop master’s degree programs, scientific research, and student exchanges in Kazakhstan through collaboration with five key partners.

Subsequently, the session “GAME CHANGER GREEN HYDROGEN” discussed the prospects of the “Green Hydrogen in Mangystau region” project and the development of renewable energy sources and hydrogen production plants in Kazakhstan.

The event concluded with a successful exchange of knowledge and experiences, the establishment of new partnerships, and the development of strategies for further advancement in the engineering industry regarding green hydrogen in Kazakhstan.