Training course for tour guides

Yessenov University’s Institute of Continuing Education recently launched an integrated tourist course aimed at training guides for elderly citizens as part of the Silver University project. With the Mangystau region witnessing a steady increase in tourist numbers, surpassing 325 thousand visitors until October last year, the demand for qualified guides has surged. The course’s primary objective is to develop and popularize tourism in the sacred places of Mangystau, addressing the growing need for competent guides.

The inaugural course at Silver University follows a modular system, covering fundamental sightseeing skills, historical and cultural insights into Mangystau, computer literacy, and English proficiency. Over 70 students participated in the course, led by highly qualified instructors who shared their expertise on the region’s sacred places, nature, age-old traditions, and the practical application of language skills in modern technologies.

The curriculum includes methods for preparing and conducting excursions, crafting excursion routes, creating guide portfolios, and exploring materials related to sacred places and Mangystau’s ethnography. After completing the three-month program, graduates will receive certificates.

Additionally, through a Memorandum with the Department of Tourism in the Mangystau region, they will have the opportunity to work as guides for tourists visiting the region. This holistic approach aims to equip graduates with the skills needed to meet the rising demands of the tourism industry in Mangystau.