Altaibek Aizhan Altaibekkizi

Altaibek Aizhan Altaibekkizi
PhD in Computer Science, Researcher of project team KUTEL at the Yessenov University. She has been working in the Information Technology Department of the university since 2018. She is engaged in the design, analysis and development of information systems at the university.
Education: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU), Faculty of mechanics and mathematics:
– 2004 – Bachelor of Information systems in business, mathematic; Information systems in business;

– 2006 – Master of Information systems; Information systems;

– 2009 – PhD of Computer Science; Computer Science;

She has more than 15 years of experience in various organizations, including 4 years as an assistant professor at IITU, 5 years as a chief specialist at Qazkom JSC, and over the years, a senior lecturer at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
She was awarded the KazNU honorary medal for her contribution to the development of the university, as well as the diploma “Top-50 employees of Kazkom bank” for significant work in the merger of two large banks (BTA and Kazkom).
She previously participated in the international project of Academica, and was also the head of the UNICEF Innovation Laboratory in Kazakhstan.
The author of 14 publications in the field of information systems and informatics.