The best employee of the month

We announce the following “Best Employee of the Month”:


  1. Stimulation of career growth of employees;
  2. Improving their professional level;
  3. Increasing employee activity.


Evaluation criteria for determining the winner of the competition “Best Employee of the Month”:


  • The level of practical professional competence required for the job, including knowledge of languages.
  • Perform tasks of special importance and difficulty, solve complex problems;
  • Development, preparation of drafts that are not within the competence of regulations, including job descriptions;
  • Participate in coordination, methodological, advisory and other working bodies, as well as in official investigations;
  • Active participation in the social and sports life of the University;
  • Performance and labor discipline (no disciplinary sanctions);
  • Self-education (taking courses in the specialty);
  • Observance of corporate and business ethics;
  • Improving the image / brand of the university in social networks;
  • Positive feedback from colleagues in the performance of tasks.


To participate in the competition:


  • Those wishing to participate in the competition must submit documents to the Human Resources Department before the 10th of each month;
  • It is necessary to prepare a proposal to the heads of departments, which should be sent to the Department of Human Resources;
  • Selection of the best employee of the structural unit is carried out once a month until the 10th day of the month.
  • If these documents are not submitted or the submitted documents do not meet the requirements of the Regulations on the Competition, the employee is prohibited to participate in the competition;
  • According to the results of the evaluation of the Competition Commission, the winners of the competition will be determined;
  • The winners will be awarded the diploma “Best Employee”.


To participate in the competition:

by extension number 228