A course for employees of the Joint-Stock Company “Ozenmunaigas” on the topic “Chemical analysis laboratory assistant”

From April 22-25, 2024, the Institute of Continuing Education organized a course on the topic “Chemical Analysis laboratory assistant”. Assistant Professor of the Department of Ecology and Geology of the Faculty of Engineering Baymukasheva Shynar Khabibullievna conducted a refresher course for employees of an oil company in Zhanaozen. Theoretical and practical classes were held in the central laboratory of physico-chemical analysis of oil and water in the Department of Chemicalization and Ecology of the Joint-Stock Company Ozenmunaigas.

                 The purpose of the course is to acquire students’ theories and practical skills in planning analysis methods and quantifying the elements that make up a complex compound; performing methods of volumetric and weight analysis; professional application of knowledge of chemical analysis for safe work with chemicals.

                 During the training, students took an active part in analyzing the system, experimentally performing approaches to determining the number of components in a mixture of substances, determining chemical elements, ions and groups of atoms in the substance under study.

                 As a result of the training, the course participant learned how to carry out volumetric and weight methods in determining the composition of a substance and carefully monitor the progress of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods in accordance with the requirements.

                 At the end of the course, the students who successfully passed the final certification received certificates of advanced training.