The teacher is an innovator

         A noble and worthy, modern teacher-innovator is a mirror of society. The great thinker of the East Abu Nasir al-Farabi: “the teacher by birth perfectly understood everything that was said to him, saw, heard, and kept in mind everything that was said to him, did not forget anything, was a shrewd and intelligent man, very eloquent, passionate in art, pure and fair, an example for There should be imitation of people who do not know fear and fear.” These qualities reveal the image of the teacher’s profession. This profession is of great importance both for us and for society. As times change, society develops, and relevant technologies flourish. In this regard, it is clear that some profession has destroyed its significance and gone into the depths of history, or that many professions and different professions are intertwined and acquire a new quality.
At the same time, the teaching profession always remains one of the most sought-after professions and unique, without destroying its significance, but, on the contrary, during the life of a person and society.

       The task of a teacher is to have pedagogical discipline, to be able to get along with any student and teach something new together with him. Not with horror, but in really convenient ways. A teacher should not behave highly. He, like any student, is only the one who apologizes for mistakes and misunderstandings of some points.

          What a modern teacher should be like: he should be able to teach students, increase interest in the subject, and children’s motivation to come to classes to gain knowledge increases. Who is an innovative teacher? A soul that constantly updates teaching methods, constantly makes discoveries in search of new and most effective methods that may interest the most caring students.
To be a good teacher, you need a lot of requirements. Not everything happens at once, but everyone who comes to the system in the prescribed manner can learn to be a teacher with great dedication. Therefore, teaching and great prospects occupy a special place for the Kazakh people. Thus, it is known from fiction that in the past, the younger generation, who greeted the elders of the village, the elderly, often received the blessed word “molda bol, balam”. Considering that in those days rural mullahs gathered children, taught them letters and taught them, this blessing hides a great desire for children to become in the future not shepherds and not farmers, but open-eyed, cheerful, promising, devoted to future generations. Even Abu Nasr al-Farabi, the second teacher of the world, grew up on the soils of the Turkestan region. In the 19th century, the talisman of wisdom Abai Kunanbayuly was a beacon of education and science. My son, Darkhan, thousands of such unique teachers came out of the steppe. The growth of these sciences.

I instruct the government to double wages in four years to attract qualified specialists to the field of education,” President Kassym Jomart Tokayev said. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize the words of the president “qualified specialists”. In this context, “what should a qualified specialist be?”, “What is the main mechanism for improving the quality of education?”the birth of questions is legitimate. The answer to this question may be the presence of sincere love for the student, the ability to interpret information related to each lesson with great attention, the quality of the education system, the presence of a high degree of theoretical knowledge, curiosity, creative thoughts on the formation of a competent, tolerant personality, professional skills and creative activity. In addition, the teacher receives a reward in the amount of three salaries if he develops the winner of the international Olympiad and various competitions. A surcharge is also added to the salary of teachers at the master’s level.

Nevertheless, the great opportunities provided to the teachers’ side should also have their impact. I believe that in order to do this, it is necessary to pay attention to innovations that go beyond the traditional form that has developed in education. As you know, the XXI century is called the century of rapid development of science and education. Therefore, we must not only give teachers and students data from the basics of science, but also pour them with world knowledge and information.

We hope that a large number of professional, qualified specialists will appear on the educational scene, who take advantage of the opportunities provided by the state, take into account the benefits provided, are well versed in their discipline, and are passionate about innovation. The quality of education largely depends on the quality of the teacher’s activity.


The quality of education today

Currently, the content of the educational program included in the educational process of the country is being updated, and the learning paradigm is changing. Along with updating the content of modern education, a system of criterion-based assessment and increasing the efficiency of using various teaching aids in various ways has been introduced. New requirements for the learning process to think independently and act outside the box and creatively. Many students have problems developing creative abilities to form independent activity of students as a personal quality. Quality education is the connection between the variety of elements recognizable in the image of the teacher, which is carried out by creating conditions on which he depends to a certain extent. Quality education is considered as the unity of the environment and learning opportunities, education of students.

The education system needs energetic and competent specialists – as the president, spiritual reformer Hakim Abay said, adhering to the formula “a complete person”, equally adheres to the mind, energy, heart and, undoubtedly, professional qualifications and the level of personnel will increase. If people are active in team, then the sail of the school floats in a forward direction, and not in an inclination. The Japanese people use the kaizen approach in any area on the path to success. The philosophy of kaizen is to look for opportunities to improve current processes rather than wait for quality to decline in any area. The desire to always achieve success in search of something new is necessary to our education system, like air. Many shortcomings in the field of education would be eliminated if we developed the student’s ability to receive a quality education, strive to improve the teacher’s teaching style and anticipate the achieved result. The launch of modern broadband Internet in school educational institutions, the availability of a laptop, all-in-one computer, printer, interactive whiteboard will also lead to to productive work.

Educator Magzhan Zhumabaev noted that “the fate of the Kazakhs in the future may become a country and on what basis the school will be created. If we build our school on a clean, strong and harmonious basis, we will be able to certify our school for the future.” Contribution to the prosperity and development of the country is the successful work of every teacher to provide quality education and upbringing of young people with developed competitive competence. The teacher of today is a creative person. The more he searches, the better he will teach future generations. Therefore, if the teacher can cheer up, the quality of teaching will increase.