Yessenov university on the national rating

This year in June, the results of the national rating of universities in Kazakhstan, conducted by the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NKAO), were published.

University ratings are lists of educational institutions for certain groups, arranged in accordance with a common set of indicators in descending order.

The national rating of the best universities in Kazakhstan is compiled on three main indicators: academic indicators of universities (70%), reputational assessment of universities by Kazakhstan and foreign experts in higher education (15%) and employers (15%).

Yessenov University took part in the institutional and specialized rating of educational programs for the Agency of NKAO, whose methodology is based on the Berlin Principles for Ranking Higher Education Institutions.

According to the results of the ranking, Yessenov University took the 18th place.

It should be noted that the meaning of the ranking of higher education institutions does not lie in the simple definition of their place, depending on the data obtained as a result of the questionnaire. This is primarily an original diagnosis of the dynamics of the university achievements in comparison with previous years; identification of possible and necessary areas of quality improvement, warning of possible threats from the current requirements imposed on education organizations.