10 educational programs of Yessenov University have been internationally accredited

The cornerstone of enhancing education quality lies in the accreditation process. Yessenov University is proud to announce the successful completion of international accreditation for 10 educational programs.

The accreditation procedures conducted by the Institute of Accreditation, Certification, and Quality Assurance (ACQUIN, Germany) align entirely with the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area” (ESG).

On April 8, 13 international and domestic expert groups visited Yessenov University to conduct examinations on 10 technical education programs across two clusters:
6B07111 Transport, transport equipment and technologies;
6B07106 Electric Power Industry;
6B11201 Environmental protection and life safety;
6B06103 Computer engineering and software;
6B07307 Cadastre;
6B07109 Mechanical Engineering;
7M07109 Mechanical Engineering;
6B07210 Oil and Gas engineering;
7M07210 Oil and Gas business;
8D07208 Geology and exploration of mineral deposits.

During their visit, the expert groups met with the university leadership, toured academic facilities, engaged with faculty, students, employers, and graduates, visited engineering laboratories, and student practice bases, and reviewed research activities.

In conclusion, the expert groups unanimously affirmed that all 10 educational programs met specialized accreditation standards without any conditions.