At the military department of Yessenov Universitylive firing was carried out

The culmination of training at the military department is live firing. As part of the training camps with students of the military department of Yessenov University, practical classes were conducted at the «Oymashy» training ground of military unit 29011.
124 students were involved in the shooting. In the course of practical classes, students performed exercise No. 1 of control shooting. That is, it is shooting from prone positions on a target (chest figure with circles) from a distance of 100 meters. From this position, 10 single shots were fired. Before the exercise, students were trained and safety measures were studied.
Our students, using all the theoretical knowledge gained at the military department, showed excellent results.
The best results were shown by Nauyryzbayev Abzal and Shakabay Serik.