At the military department of Yessenov University, a meeting was held with the military prosecutor of the Aktau garrison

At the military department of Yessenov University, a meeting of students and teaching staff took place with the senior prosecutor of the military prosecutor’s office of the Aktau garrison, Abitov Berik Kanagatovich, and the officer of the military police department of the garrison, Zhaumytbaev Erbol Konyratbaevich.Corruption represents a systemic threat to the security of Kazakhstan, threatening the stability of the state and society. Responsibility for corruption offenses is provided for by the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses.

As part of the requirements of the Anti-Corruption Law, anti-corruption is carried out in various areas. The fight against corruption is one of the most difficult problems in Kazakhstan today. Corruption is a disease that spreads instantly.

What is a bribe? This is the receipt by an official of money or other benefits from another person, for which they will be provided with any services related to the position he occupies. At the same time, the bribe-taker does not always receive the specified money and benefits personally; they can often be provided to people close to him or to front organizations. A bribe can be:

Items – money, including currency, bank checks and securities, products made of precious metals and stones, cars, apartments, dachas and country houses, food, household appliances and appliances, other goods, land and other real estate.

Services and benefits – treatment, repair and construction work, sanatorium and tourist vouchers, trips abroad, payment for entertainment and other expenses free of charge or at a reduced cost

Perceiving corruption as a systemic phenomenon, the state creates and implements comprehensive measures to combat it. An important role in the fight against corruption is played by specific measures that can reduce corruption in the state and society, identify and punish those involved in corruption.

There is no place for corruption in our society and especially in the army. This phenomenon can only be effectively countered by uniting all the efforts of society and using all ways to stop it. Therefore, the fight against corruption should be considered as a civic duty of all citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The meeting participants asked specific questions, to which detailed answers were received.