Yet another achievement by the scholars from our university!

Yessenov University scientists have been honored with individual awards and national scientific scholarships in recognition of their exceptional contributions to science.

Recipient of the D. A. Kunaev Prize for Young Scientists for outstanding work in the natural sciences:

Berik Bakytzhanovich Akhmetov – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, and President of Yessenov University.

Moreover, this year, among the 75 annual state scientific scholarships awarded nationwide, four were granted to scientists from Yessenov University!

Recipients of state scientific scholarships:

Akmaral Kabylbekovna Serikbayeva – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor in the Department of Ecology and Geology.

Bibaisha Ilyasovna Nurdauletova – Doctor of Philology, Professor in the Department of Kazakh Philology.

Recipients of state scientific scholarships for talented young scientists:

Ermek Talantuly Nurmaganbet – Candidate of Law, PhD, acting professor.

Samal Syrlybekkyzy – PhD doctor, Acting professor in the Department of Ecology and Geology.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the scientists of Yessenov University for this well-deserved recognition. Wishing you continued creative success in the realm of science! Thank you for your invaluable contributions to the advancement of science and the higher education system in the Republic!