At Yessenov University Students do not have to use campus shuttles, because there are a lot of parking spaces for both driving and biking students. Campus shuttles (3 campus buses)  can provide an added measure of safety for students who participate in social activities that take place outside of normal school hours and off campus. To ensure students get from point A to point B as safely as possible, running the campus shuttle to accommodate non-academic activities can prevent students from being put in unsafe situations.

Overall, 15% of the total area is allocated to parking. As the city of Aktau is a compact one, Yessenov University is the only university located in the city. Most students and staff use their own cars, city buses, motorcycles or scooters. Most students live in the dormitories so that they do not have to use any transport.

  1. Limiting parking zone for students
  2. Free to rent bicycle on campus
  3. Ride share designed to encourage commuters to adopt healthy and sustainable transportation options. (Carpool)