Tauelsizdik – ult ruhynyn dingegi

On December 15, Yessenov University hosted a round table on the topic “Tauelsizdik – ult ruhynyn dingegi”.

The round table was opened by Berik Bakytzhanovich Akhmetov, President of Yessenov University, and then the participants of the round table made presentations.

Renat Nurlybekovich Shaikhadenov, Associate Professor of the Department of Jurisprudence of the Faculty of Business and Law, made presentations on “Independence of Kazakhstan and Constitutional Reforms” and Kerimov Bauyrzhan, Senior lecturer of the Department of International Relations and Tourism of the Faculty of Tourism and Languages, on the topic “Independence and the idea of Alash”.

Professor of the Department of “Kazakh Philology” Nurdauletova Bibaisha Iliyasovna shared her experiences and memories of the December event, explained the reasons for the occurrence and the political significance of the December event.

At the end of the round table, the 1st year student of the specialty “Traditional Art” Maratov Zhomart Aidai performed the song “Mangystau”, written by Tastemir.