Sports Sections

Sports clubs

Physical culture and sports throughout the history of the university have always played an important role in the formation and development of the personality, in the education of socially active youth, in the acquisition of common human values and in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

In this regard, there are sections for 8 sports on the basis of the formation of the habits of a healthy lifestyle and a high level of physical culture and ability to withstand negative impacts.

The University not only operates and operates sports clubs, but also has a tradition of competition for the Rector’s Cup in various sports, sports and athletics among dormitories and faculties, athletics cross for holidays, competition between the national graduates and students, dedicated to the «Birthday of the university», Yessenov League among students in football, as well as the main value of our university on the basis of openness, we organize championship games among students and teachers in volleyball, football, table tennis.