Acceleration courses for teaching staff and entrepreneurs on the topic “Business Acceleration Hub”

Starting from November 13, 2023 on the basis of the Institute of Continuing Education, a refresher course for business entrepreneurs and teaching staff on the topic “Business Acceleration Hub” was launched. Small business entrepreneurs from the Karakiya and Munayly districts, as well as teachers from the departments of Computer Science, World Languages, Economics and Management, expressed a desire to study the Acceleration Courses.

Knowledge of effectively selecting a business idea, developing a business model, and studying market demand is taught by a highly qualified course trainer, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Aigul Iklasovna Esturlieva. Students of the acceleration course program get acquainted with the basics of market relations, understand how to promote products and services, formulate a sales strategy and calculate the necessary resources, study the operating activities of a business from the inside, learn about risks and what taxes a business entity must pay, how to calculate income and expenses, how to attract investment and scale the business.

The course is held in an offline format, accompanied by slide presentations and defenses of students’ practical projects.