Professor Hnatiuk Serhii

On December 23, 2021 at Yessenov University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Computer Science under the program Visiting Professor from the National Aviation University (Kiev, Ukraine), there are more than 250 specially invited scientific publications, 73 of which are higher Professor Hnatiuk Serhii, Ph.D., reviewed in rating journals. Its Hirsch index in the Scopus scientific-metric database is 16.

In order to effectively use the knowledge and skills of the Ukrainian professor, it is planned to conduct joint research with university scientists in the field of “cyber security”, “cryptography”, “state information security”, “security of computer systems and networks”.

In addition, it was discussed to conduct a training course for faculty on “Cyberhygiene of users of information and communication systems and networks” and to give lectures to undergraduate and graduate students of the department, to advise on master’s dissertations.

Professor Hnatiuk Serhii will be at the university until February 2, 2022. There is an opportunity to make the most of this time and ask for advice from students of the relevant specialty.