Мarketing and communications department

Welcome to Мarketing and Communications Department!

Welcome to the Marketing and Communications management!

We are a team of energetic, multidisciplinary, and stress-resistant employees.

What does our office do?

Helps the community to learn more about Yessenov University;

Collaborates with the media, maintains the website and social networks of the university;

Leads internal and external communications;

Organizes university events;

Takes care of the reputation of the University and maintains the university brand;

Conducts marketing events;

Tracking and formation of a reputable information field, brand in the Internet space;

Leads the university photo and video archive.


Колдасова Сандугаш Алдабергеновна

Leading Graphic Design Specialist

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Tynyshtyk Raikhan


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Maksim Kovalenko

Photo Content Specialist

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Eleonora Zhamal


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Zhetkizgenova Aidana Berikkyzy


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Contact information

Мarketing and communications department

Address: Aktau, 32 microdisrct., Yessenov University, 11 th floor, 11- 04
+7 (7292) 788-788(267)

Work schedule: 09:00 – 18:00

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