Yessenov University Museum is an important center for the study, preservation and promotion of historical memory and cultural traditions of our university.
The history of the formation of the first collections of the museum fund was presented in 1980 by the famous petrographer G.P. Baranovskaya begins with a collection of minerals and rocks attributed and systematized. Today, this collection is in the form of a museum exposition.
The next large collection was donated to the museum in 2002 by the family of academician Shakhmardan Esenov. This collection became the basis for the opening of a private museum on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the outstanding scientist.
In 2011, on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the university, the museum was given a spacious room on the first floor of the Faculty of Oil and Gas, and the exposition was supplemented with materials about the history and current state of the university.
In 2013, the museum was moved to the main building of the university in order to create an exposition, improve scientific documentation and expand the audience.
The content structure of the museum exposition includes real documents and photos from the life of the university, works of art, memorial items and awards of academician Sh. Esenov’s life and activity “.
According to the design solution, the museum’s exposition is decorated on a dark green background, which is recognized as a symbolic color of wisdom and knowledge, and the edges of the windows are framed with geometric ornaments, which are often found in works of applied art of Mangistau masters.