The complex expedition began its work

The complex expedition “Material and non-material historical and cultural heritage of the Mangystau region (ethnographic, ethnoarcheological, etymological, toponymic, historical-architectural, archaeological research)” began its work.

The complex expedition is held within the framework of the “Spiritual Renaissance” program and is divided into several thematic areas that will be held in 3 rounds. In all rounds, scientific tours with participation of professional scientists, historians, ethnographers, archeologists and experts of local history are held.

The expedition was supported by the  Institute of Archeology named after Alkey Margulan  and Yessenov University. The scientific adviser of the expedition is the chief researcher of the Russian Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Trepavlov Vadim Vintserovich. Scientific adviser of the expedition – Nurdauletova Bibaysha Ilyasovna, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Yessenov University.

Informational support for the complex expedition is the Arsha media studio and local mass media (Mangistau channel, Regional Communications Service). Based on the results of the expedition, the media studio Arsha and the 24-hour “Kazakh TV” channel will release a two-part documentary film  that will be distributed every two days in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. “Kazakh TV” broadcasts its signal in 118 countries around the world with 5.1 billion potential audience. In addition, the results of the expedition will be broadcast on the national channels “Khabar 24”, “El Arna”.

During the expedition the sacred places of national importance of Kazakhstan, located in Mangistau, will be studied, the monuments of the Nogai period and the basin of the region will be studied. The work of the scientific expedition is aimed at making the region’s invaluable historical heritage part of the national ideology, popularization and acquaintance with the national cultural values of Kazakhstan, promoting the world brand of our country, as well as strengthening love for the motherland and patriotism.