The best kuis from Mangistau and other Dombra art schools

Gaziza Uzakbai, a teacher of the educational program “Traditional Art” at Yessenov University, within the framework of the academic mobility program, gave a lecture in the format of a concert “The best kuis from Mangistau and other Dombra art schools” at the state Conservatory located at Sakarya University in Turkey.

During the event, Gaziza Uzakbai masterfully performed works by such composers as “Kui basy” by Kartbai, “Abyl” by Abyl, “Kerbez kerik” by Kulshara, “Adai” by Kurmangazy, “Korogly” by Dauletkerei, “Okinish” by Makhambet, “Segizinshi mart” by Dina Nurpeisova, “Kosbasar” by Tattimbet, “Zholaushynyn zholdy konyry” by Sugira, “Akku”, “Zhekpe zhek” by Nurgisa Tlendiev, “Ruksat bershi Balzhan kyz” by Kazangapa.

This event contributed to the spread of the unique timbre of the dombra, the kui school and traditional Kazakh culture in Turkey.