Opportunity for joint projects

On the way to continue the development prospects of the Yessenov University Maritime Academy, the YU delegation met with the Vice President of the Southeastern University (USN) in Norway, modeling Manager, Director of Engine and Cargo Production, regional sales Manager and Business Development Director of Kongsberg Digital.

This Kongsberg company specializes in the development of advanced technologies that provide exceptional performance in extreme conditions.
During the visit, the university delegation got acquainted with the ship’s simulators and the ship’s engine room. The members of the delegation had the opportunity to assess the complexity of virtual ship management and the challenges facing specialists in this field.

In addition, as part of the business trip, an agreement of intent was signed between Yessenov University and Kongsberg.
This agreement expands active cooperation in the field of research and development in the field of marine engineering.

The other day, the marine training center received the RMRS certificate. The next goal is recognition in DNV GL, which is an international certification and classification society.

During the visit to the University of Southeastern Norway, the two educational institutions had the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge. Joint projects and work on research will make it possible to contribute to the development of marine engineering and shipping.