Center for the Development of Educational Resources

The Centre for the Development of Educational Resources is the newest unit of Yessenov University, which aims to create online courses in MOOC format and integrate online resources into the modern information and education space

Our main activities

  • Advisory and methodological support for course authors and learners throughout the process
  • Work on the graphic design of teacher materials and the visual adaptation of online course content
  • Creation of video materials for the online courses

Objectives of creating open online courses in the MOOC format

  • Increasing the university brand awareness
  • Promoting the educational programs of the university in Kazakhstan and internationally
  • Increasing the accessibility of education regardless of the location of students
  • Increasing the number of Kazakhstani and foreign students taking courses at the university


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Contact information

Center for the Development of Educational Resources

Address: Aktau, 32 microdisrct., Yessenov University, BО-101

Work schedule: 09:00 – 18:00

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