Attention, Applicants!

For your convenience, the admissions committee at YESSENOV UNIVERSITY starts video consulting on the GOOGLE MEET platform!

You need to enter the specified link using a laptop / computer / smartphone

Link to the page:

Zhetenova Nazym Maratkyzy

Tel.: 87020618381


Meeting URL:

Phone: +1 515-884-8022, PIN: 389 407 554 #


Tlepi Atlant

tel.: 87473312133



Amanzholova Albina Nurzhankyzy

Tel.: 87029071641


Meeting URL:

Phone: +1 802-933-1989, PIN: 764 259 870 #


Guliyeva Laman

Tel. +7 747 232 3471



Kitarov Konai Erkhodzhaevich

Tel.: 87759151691



YU link:


You can also use the link in BIO

You must install Google Meet to log into the platform using your mobile device!

Our consultants will answer all your questions and provide all the necessary information about admission to YESSENOV UNIVERSITY

You can also get help in the form of applying for a grant and online registration for a state grant!

The Internet package is valid from 9:00 to 18:00, so you can call at any time convenient for you.