Situational Control Center


  • Compliance with the work schedule established by the university administration, and the requirement for its implementation from the university staff
  • On weekends and holidays, the entrance to the university building is carried out only with a special permit
  • Protection of objects, depending on their location, equipped with technical means of protection and in other ways by establishing stationary checkpoints and bypass posts using security and fire alarms and warning systems
  • Ensuring reliable protection of the organization's facilities from theft, acts of vandalism, and other criminal encroachments during fires, accidents, natural disasters, public unrest Suppression of attempts of unauthorized entry to the object
  • Processing requests and informing via voice communication channels in the interests of the organization or the parent organization. Call-center, which also processes requests by e-mail and regular mail, works with requests in the online chat mode (telegram, Instagram, etc.)
  • Organization of receiving operational information on systems (Macroscop, Perco) installed channels and systems, organization of maintenance work (digital and analog video cameras), and preventive repair of the hardware complex.


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Situational Control Center

Address: Aktau city, microdistrict 32, Yessenov University, 1st floor
+7 (7292) 788788 (221 немесе 222)

Work schedule: 09:00 – 18:00

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