Department of Social Support and Youth Development


Organizes the educational process at the university for the implementation of state youth policy.

Creates conditions for the professional development and self-realization of the creative potential of student youth, the identification of new bright talents, and the development of their creative abilities.

Organizes control and regulation of work to provide social support to students.

Organizes control and regulation of work on housing issues of students and university employees.

Forms the physical culture of the student’s personality, taking into account his/her individual abilities, health, and motivation.

Organizes shows, competitions, festivals for young students.

Provide assistance to students to participate in regional, republican competitions for various grants, creative shows, debates, etc.

Organize and control the work of interest clubs, circles, sections, amateur associations for meaningful leisure time for young people.

Registration of students from socially vulnerable segments of the population according to the data provided by educators.

Coordination of the work of the medical office for the medical support of students.

Accounting and distribution of places in student dormitories.

To communicate with other youth organizations, various governmental and non-governmental organizations of the city, region, republic;

Identification of talented and creatively active university students.

Creation and strengthening of the creative image of the university through participation and victories in departmental, interuniversity, district, city, regional and international events (festivals, competitions).


Gulmira Yeshmanova

Head of the Department

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Kuanyshova Aizhan Zhangeldyvna

Leading Specialist

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Begalieva Aigul Begimkhanovna


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Nosanov Alibek Askarovich

Leading sports

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Darmentaeva Arai Nurkhatovna


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Begezhanova Gulnaz Zhanbolatkyzy


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Құлман Бақыт Танқыбайқызы

Leading specialist of the Department of Social Support and Youth Development

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Космаганбетов Кенесбай Нагметулы


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Department of Social Support and Youth Development

Address: Aktau, 32 microdisrct., Yessenov University, 3 th floor, АО301

Work schedule: 09:00 – 18:00

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