Abai Heritage and National Spirituality Issues

Yessenov University invites you to take part in the international scientific-practical conference “Abai Heritage and National Spirituality Issues” dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the Great Kazakh poet and enlightener Abay Kunanbayuly held as part of the “Ruhani Zhangyru Program” for the Modernization of Public Consciousness.
Date: April 24, 2020
Venue: Aktau, Yessenov University
Languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.
The main goal of conference: To study the role of Abay’s heritage in the global civilization space and its role in the spiritual development of mankind in the modern scientific paradigm.

Conference program:

0900 –0930 – Registration
0900 –0930 – Conference opening. Conference plenary session
1400 – 1530 – Section meeting
1530 – 1600 – Summarizing. Conference closing

Following the conference, a collection of materials will be published. Electronic papers, copies of receipts for payment of the registration fee (in the amount of 2000 tenge) are accepted until March 25, 2020 (inclusive) by e-mail according to the name of the section or at 130000, Aktau, 32 microdistrict, Yessenov University, 203 cabinet, telephone for information: +7 (7292) 42-57-42, 8 (7292) 42-57-95.

Information about the conference: Department of Science and Entrepreneurship, 12-04 room. Telephones: +7 (7292) 42-02-29, +7 (7292) 42-57-80.

The work of the international scientific-practical conference (in sections) will be carried out in the following areas:

No Section title Responsible E-mail Contact details
1 Abai and actual problems of literary studies Professor, Adilet Kabylov adilet.kabylov@yu.edu.kz 8 701 1702045
2 Language of Abai Professor, Bibaisha Nurdauletova bibaisha.nurdauletova@yu.edu.kz 8 701 4190719
3 Abai and current problems of pedagogy and psychology Professor, Almazhai Yegenissova almazhai.yegenissova@yu.edu.kz 8 702 1237780
4 An important relevance of Abai in the development of the Kazakh people Gulfarida Kamiyeva gulfarida.kamiyeva@yu.edu.kz 8 701 7700326
5 Philosophical, social and political aspects of Abai creativity Oryngul Tabyldiyeva oryngul.tabyldiyeva@yu.edu.kz 8 701 4961051



Applications and papers are submitted in electronic form (by e-mail attachment) in the form of two files with the extension doc or rtf. The file with the application should be named after the abbreviated name of the organization of the first author, the file with the abstract should be named after the name of the first author (for example, IGCE.doc; Ivanov.doc).
Published material: must contain UDC, abstract, keywords, text must be typed in the Word 6.0 editor, A4 sheet size, Times New Roman Cyr font, letter size 12, margins 2.5 cm on all sides, paper no more than 8 pages.
The abstract is given at the beginning of the text in the language in which the article is cited (40-50 words). The abstract is a summary of the content of a scientific work, giving a generalized idea of ​​its theme and structure.
Keywords should provide the most complete disclosure of the content of the article. For each specific material, specify 5-6 keywords in order of importance, i.e. the most important keyword of the article should be first on the list.
Report title: in capital letters, centered; authors: surname and initials (titles are not indicated), the full name of the organization with an indication of departmental affiliation is centered. The text is aligned in width; single interval; paragraph indent – 1.5 cm. The text is separated from the report heading by one empty line. Abstracts for teaching staff – 2-4 pages, for students – 1-2 pages
Illustrations: figures, photographs and tables should be inserted into the text. The captions for the pictures and photographs are located below them after skipping one interval, are printed in regular font size 12 pt, in the center, the figures are numbered. Tables are printed using the Word editor.
Formulas: executed in the Microsoft Equation formula editor.
References to literature should be indicated in square brackets [1, 2] in the order of citation in the text.
The list of references is placed at the end of the text and is separated by an empty line. After the heading “LITERATURE” – a line skip, the heading is centered, the font is bold – 12 pt, no more than 3.


The registration fee of the conference participant in the amount of 2000 tenge.
Payment of the registration fee is accepted by cash and bank transfer according to the following details:

Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Yessenov, Aktau, 32 microdistrict

BIN: 930 640 000 430
IIC: KZ11826R0KZTD2002941
KBe: 16

All expenses associated with participation in the conference are paid by the participants


Organizing committee