Yessenov Youth Forum

On April 19, Yessenov University hosted the “Yessenov Youth Forum” for students, undergraduates, and young scholars.

The attendees of the forum included young scholars, doctoral candidates, research center staff, university faculty, local government officials, and institutional leaders.

The University President, Berik Akhmetov, inaugurated the forum with a welcoming speech, highlighting ongoing initiatives in our country and university to support youth.

Throughout the forum, young speakers from various regions presented fresh ideas.

The discussions at the forum aimed to identify opportunities and prospects for young scholars in Kazakhstan’s scientific community, as well as to explore ways to further foster the scientific endeavors of young individuals in the country.

The second stage of the forum proceeded with breakout sessions on the following topics: “Integrated solutions for sustainable development: prospects for hydrogen energy, oil refining, and environmental sustainability”; “Artificial intelligence: continuity across sciences”; “Current issues and trends in global urbanization: economic, managerial, and legal perspectives”; “Innovative development of contemporary education: novel approaches and pertinent research”; “Tourism and the service sector: current status and challenges.”