The 18th of September Chairman of “Jas Otan” of Mangystau region N. Magdatov

On September 18, the chairman of “Jas Otan” of the Mangystau region N. Magdatov appointed Narul Kozhabergen as the head of the department at Yessenov University.

The Jas Otan Youth Wing is the country’s leading youth organization. The main work of the youth wing is carried out jointly with students.

Now there are more than 145 thousand young people in the Mangystau region, of which more than 1600 are Zhas Otan residents.

“Thank you for your trust and appointment to this position. I am honored to lead the organization of the Jas Otan youth wing at Yessenov University” , said Narul Kozhabergen.