The office named after Omirzak Ozganbaevich was opened.

Within the framework of the 80th anniversary of the scientist, state and public activist Omirzak Ozganbaevich Ozganbaev, a cabinet named after Omirzak Ozganbaevich was opened in the walls of Yessenov University.

During the independence of our country, Umirzak Ozganbayevich, who was the head of the Education Department of Mangistau Oblast and who made a great contribution to the development of education in the oblast, is today an honorary worker in the field of education, a doctor of historical sciences, Professor, Honorary Citizen of the Mangistau Region.

The event was attended by Sarmurzin Panya Onalbayevna, Head of the Department of Culture, Language Development and Archives, Sain Nazarbekuly, Uteuliev Orazgal, Esbergen Inirbaev and Umirzak Ozganbaevich’s family.