The Azerbaijan Center


The Azerbaijan Center is a subdivision of Yessenov University, the purpose of which is to establish contacts and coordinate joint activities with public and educational institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The educational work of the Azerbaijan Center includes:

  • cultural and educational activities on culture and history;
  • management of the methodology of project activities of students;
  • development of teaching materials, educational programs;
  • exchange of experience with international educational institutions.

The research work of the Azerbaijan Center includes:

  • organization and holding of seminars, round tables, scientific conferences;
  • preparation and publication of research materials (articles, monographs, etc.);
  • organizing and conducting scientific and consulting work.

The social and educational work includes:

  • interaction with educational, cultural institutions, state, regional and local governments on contractual relations;
  • cooperation with public organizations of the Azerbaijan Republic;
  • organization of internships for teachers and students;
  • holding cultural events that introduce students to the culture, traditions, main political events of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • education of tolerant, respectful attitude to culture and language;
  • coverage of the experience and results of the work of the Azerbaijan Center in the media.


Ilkin Yusifoglu Orujov


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The Azerbaijan Center

Address: Aktau, 32 microdistrict, Yessenov University, 2nd floor, E 206
+7 (778) 388 28 28

Work schedule: 09:00 – 18:00

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