Works of Alkey Khakanovich Margulan

On April 16, as part of the scientific month at the Mangyshlak meeting room, the Department of History organized an anniversary scientific seminar on the topic “Current issues in studying the cultural and historical heritage of the Kazakh people in the works of Academician Alkey Khakanovich Margulan,” in honor of the 120th anniversary of Alkey Margulan.

The purpose of the event is to foster the development of students and young scientists in the field of science, and to highlight the contributions to science and education made by Alkey Margulan, the founder of the Kazakh School of Archaeology, who was a notable figure in numerous scientific disciplines: ethnography, history, Oriental studies, literary, and art criticism.

During the event, a documentary historical film titled “The Scientific Legacy of a Scholar” was screened. Following this, Dr. Kiikbai Mynbayuly Zhaulin, a Professor of Political Sciences, presented a report on the life of Alkey Khakanuly Margulan. Dr. Salim Bazarbekuly Kitigulov, an Associate Professor specializing in Historical Sciences, delivered a report on the activities of Alkey Khakanuly Margulan. Dr. Ayagoz Kayyrgalikyzy Nurmanova, a Ph.D., discussed “Archaeological Sites of Kazakhstan: Current Issues in Historical and Cultural Study and Monument Preservation.” Finally, Dr. Svetlana Alkhazhanovna Edilkhanova, an Associate Professor specializing in Historical Sciences, presented a report on “The Works and Research of A. Margulan in the Field of Kazakh History and Ethnography.”

Following the presentations, students demonstrated their skills, performing cui and terme, and then the event’s outcomes were summarized.