The Institute of Continuing Education organized the course “Methods of studying public opinion”

From April 19 to May 4, 2024, the Institute of Continuing Education organized a course on the topic “Methods of studying public opinion”. The training of public opinion technology and research methodology was conducted by the head of the department “Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan” of the Faculty of Tourism and Languages, Candidate of Cultural Sciences Altynai Ibragimovna Mambetova. More than 10 students from the teaching staff took part in the course.

The purpose of the course is to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for the application of public opinion technologies in research and analytical activities.

During the training, participants mastered methods of collecting and analyzing public opinion data: quantitative and qualitative approaches, studied the basics of working with the BM SPSS Statistics statistical package for data processing and analysis, learned how to calculate basic descriptive statistics: average, median, mode, standard deviation.

Upon completion of the course, students who successfully mastered the curriculum were given certificates of advanced training.