Congratulations on the Day of Science Professionals!

Dear educators, researchers!

Yessenov University extends congratulations to you on the Day of Science Professionals!

Intellectual pursuits and scientific breakthroughs have always served as the foundation for successful advancement and a vital element of national prosperity. The nation has established conducive environments for the efficient operation of scientific institutions, facilitating fundamental research, and offering comprehensive support for scientists’ endeavors. All our efforts within the scientific domain are directed towards addressing the challenges of the Mangystau region.

We extend an invitation for your participation in the month-long event “Science: A Pillar of Sustainable Development in the Mangystau Region,” hosted by our university!

Throughout the program of the scientific month, various activities will take place including intellectual competitions, student scientific project contests, roundtable discussions, scientific seminars, conferences, competitions such as “Top Researcher at YU,” “Top Young Scientist at YU,” and a significant event, the Aktau Dialogue on “Green Hydrogen.”

On this celebratory occasion, we wish you further scientific breakthroughs and accomplishments, success, robust health, and familial happiness.